Zeterre Embraces Green Architecture

Zeterre goes green! One of our most exciting designs this year has gone green! This iconic historical home near downtown Palo Alto was built in 1936 by Pedro de Lemos, a celebrated artist/architect and the arts curator at Stanford University. This amazing home is being preserved and enhanced using sustainable design. The project creatively attacks climate change by focusing on Net Zero Energy and Water Conservancy by using sustainable methods and materials, and has been designed to inspire and teach others about green architecture. Unfortunately this is all that we are allowed to say at the moment – though, this project is making history and Zeterre is thrilled to be a part of this team of forward thinking professionals. Including the design build team at Timeline Design (www.tldesign.net) as well as the brilliant architects at William Duff Architects (www.wdarch.com)

Major Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Materials

  • Landscape: Hardscape, Artificial Turf, Solar Lighting
  • Water Conservation: On-demand Recirc, Low Flow
Check back for more info on sustainable garden architecture!