Dog Friendly Garden Architecture

An exciting new project has come our way that allows us to feature dog friendly landscape architecture. This has made us think about ways that we can create landscapes for both humans and dogs to enjoy together for years to come. For these Silicon Valley software engineers in particular, spoiling their dog is a number one priority. This has included the purchase of the home adjacent to their main residence in an effort to combine the two yards to create a large dog friendly paradise for their favorite pooch.

There is no reason why we can’t have a dog and a beautiful landscaped yard. We certainly can have the best of both worlds. However what many people don’t know is that many commonly used plants that are not poisonous to humans are poisonous to dogs and can have consequences that range from the unpleasant to even fatal. We, being dog lovers ourselves, want to keep all dogs safe and healthy. UC Davis has a put together the following list of toxic plants to avoid planting to keep your animals safe:

Many people are switching to artificial turf which is made from recycled materials and can be great for dogs. In fact, several companies manufacture a special artificial design just for dogs. What better way to save water, money and spoil your pup.

In working with a dog behaviorist, we have found that dogs are creatures of habit and like to use the same path of travel each time…and usually right up against the fence or property line…therefore we accommodate our favorite mammals desire to run to and fro along the fence with thin gravel paths…just for them.

How about a dog cleaning area? For one client, we created a stainless dog wash station complete with warm water, a drain and latch to secure the pet. What better way to keep your pooch healthy and clean!