Dog Friendly Landscape

Our Dog-friendly landscape project in Palo Alto has recently been completed. This project was designed to accommodate a Silicon valley software engineer's Labradoodle, Ozzy. This project proves that dog friendly landscaping can be beautiful, fun and safe for your favorite pooch.

To start, all dog friendly plants were used. This included; Loropetalum, Thamnochortus, Lavander, Bamboo, and Roses to name a few. We learned that you can use a wide variety of plants but still have a beautiful yard that you and your favorite pooch can enjoy together.

Secondly, we decided to use artificial turf, which is made from recycled materials. By choosing to install the artificial turf, the client is saving water and money.

The Stainless Steel Panels were designed by Zeterre with the purpose of blocking as much of the adjacent back cottage which is architecturally less significant than the Eichler. While they do their purpose they also act as an art installation with a modern edge which blends the two homes together seamlessly.

Also, for added outdoor entertainment, the pathway to the spa doubles as a Bocce ball court, which Ozzy loves to play alongside his family. This spoiled pooch has quite the perfect life in this dog friendly paradise.