This Los Altos Hills home greets visitors with a whimsical art nouveau styled vehicular gate custom designed in bronze.
 The driveway is created from stones originally brought to San Francisco in the mid 19th century as ballasts for boats. Later the stones were re-purposed to pave San Francisco's streets. 
 Contemporary landscape design mixing classics with a modern twist
 Unique landscaping touches . . .this antique livestock trough came from India where the upper portion was once used in an Indian temple where people would wash their hands
 Stone steps with layered foliage leads to Redwood allé
 The Black Mondo and Dolomite labyrinth truly makes this Los Altos Hills garden extraordinary
 We created a luxurious pathway through the Redwood allé
 Succulent ray garden created with native grasses, Echevarria and Imbricata
 Unique landscape design featuring a Balinese temple gateway with a Japanese basalt stone lantern which leads into the black bamboo garden
 Carved salt fountain provides a handy birdbath in this resplendent bird and butterfly garden
 Spring bulbs create seasonal interest. Our landscape design features white Orchid Narcissus and yellow Jonquils
mclaren bulbs 081.jpg
 This Los Altos Hills estate garden enjoys the benefits of beautifully fragrant flowers . . . white Orchid Narcissus and grape Hyacinths (closer to the home)
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