There are so many striking and exceptional details…I have rarely seen such stunning landscaping.
— Margaret Leighton, Head of Pebble Beach Co. Architectural Review
When we chose a design firm we had a “feeling” in mind for our home created from the best of our experiences from all over the world. We chose Zeterre because they listened and then worked with us to uniquely bring our ideas together in a new world 3D design. The real magic however is in the old world quality, elegance and beauty. From their personal selection of mature hedges, handpicked trees and an articulate eye for layers, color and texture, to the integration of art, light and space, we are very happy and will enjoy for generations the gardens that Zeterre created.
— Michael J. Cyrus - Atherton
Jarrod is an artist, a creator, and a true gentleman whom my family and I had the pleasure and the privilege to work with. He was able to translate our ideas and dreams of a garden and turn them into a beautiful reality. Along with his talented team, our garden was transformed into a work of art with intricate details and lovely surprises around every corner. We open our windows, doors, and gates everyday to enjoy his exceptional vision, and exquisite interpretation of art into landscape.
— Noha Al-Kadhi - Palo Alto

The garden is just beautiful. You have created such a happy place.  Its easy to brag about Zeterre!  Thank you.

 -Penny Reyes - Saratoga

When interviewing landscape architects for our garden remodel, I was looking for someone who could understand and interpret our vision of creating a contemporary outdoor space which would work with the architecture of our traditional 1885 Queen Anne Victorian house.  From our very first meeting, Jarrod "got" it, and created both a hard- and soft-scape design which exceeded our expectations;  it combined the old and the new in perfect harmony.  It really has the "wow" factor, but in a timeless, elegant way that both stands out from and blends in with our neighborhood of historical homes.  During the whole installation process, Jarrod was often on-site to ensure that every detail was exactly how he envisioned it.  We loved this attention to detail, his meticulousness, and his creativity.   

 -Martha and Mario Queiroz- Los Gatos


If you were trying to create a garden with a wealth of variety and constant surprises, you succeeded wonderfully!
— Shawn Mclaren / Dee Mclaren - Los Altos Hills
Jarrod Baumann is a very talented landscape architect. He has superb abilities of weaving the nature into our home environment by creating beautiful and unique design concepts. He has tremendous passion for his work and is fun to work with.
— Reshma and Tushar Dave, Saratoga Contemporary Estate
Jarrod is refreshingly creative. He has both great architectural design sense and depth in plant knowledge. Jarrod is and will be known as one of the very best
— Jon Singley, Owner of Blue Spruce Landscape & Construction
2004 State President of California Landscape Contractors Association
Jarrod was a pleasure to work with. ᅠHe had a lot of enthusiasm and interesting ideas. ᅠJarrod was very responsive and happy to incorporate our ideas into the landscape design. ᅠWe are delighted with our garden – something is always in bloom. ᅠThanks.
— Susan & Mark Reinstra, Menlo Park
It is now over a year since our garden has been transformed. ᅠYour redesign of our garden has proved to be just perfect and the positioning of the pool looks like it was part of the original design of the house. ᅠThe roses this summer were truly magnificient and we loved the scent from them and the blossoms of the fruit trees. Thanks for all of your patience – it was well worth it in the end.
— Sally Onetto, Atherton
We retained Jarrod Bauman to redesign the plantings in the garden of a house we recently purchased. ᅠThe garden was heavily planted incorporating a lot of old material – some of which was retained and other disposed of to make the appearance more consistent. ᅠJarrod was very capable in giving our garden a cleaner better organized feel which met our goals; plus, we were very happy with his ideas and found him easy to work with throughout the process.
— Norah & Graeme Bretall, Menlo Park
I am ecstatically pleased with my design. ᅠJarrod Baumann is the personification of landscape design excellence! ᅠHe is a creator of beauty and a man of consummate skills. ᅠHis services are exceptionally superior, efficient, professional and accessible. ᅠFor me, he met and far exceeded all of my requests and expectations. – 100% of the time he was there for me. Thanks to Jarrod Baumann, my home and the land which it is located are more beautiful and more valuable. Jarrod Baumann is a name to remember!
— Mary Mason, Spanish Revival Estate
Walked though the garden last night...well early evening and I must say it looked rather fabulous ..... I have never seen our garden look so prettied up as though she is going to a ball...I feel sad to leave this beauty at the moment but knowing that you will be watching over it is comforting....so enjoy our garden whist we are away and of course you may bask in the splendor of your endeavour in making it so. Thank you Jarrod.
— Mrs. Doreen Mclaren - Los Altos Hills
It was a pleasure to work with you on our landscape project at Comer Drive, Saratoga. When we started with you we were not expecting the results as we see now. We are extremely happy with our project. As you know, due to terrain contours, it was not as easy as we had thought! You gave lots of fresh ideas and you spent time giving fine details to landscape ᅠᅠᅠand hardscape contractors. You were punctual with your appointments and we appreciated the prompt response. And therefore we were able to finish the project as planned.
Nucci and I are happy to give our best recommendation to you and Zeterre.
— Kumar & Nucci Patel, Saratoga
I’ve been in business since 1973 and have enjoyed working with many talented landscape architects over the years, but no one peaks by enthusiasm for a new project more than Jarrod. Jarrod has been a breath of fresh air for me and my clients. First and foremost he is “extremely” innovative with each and every garden design, smaller scale to larger estates. Because of his enthusiasm and energy he brings some real fun into the projects. Jarrod’s knowledge of plant material in extensive, this is reflected in each project, using plant varieties not commonly used, but which “really” separate your garden from the norm. Besides being talented and creative, he has an uncanny ability to not only relate to the clients, but he also establishes relationships with the workers on the job, and this mean a lot to me as a contractor.
— Rick Myers, President – Myers Landscaping, Inc.
I worked with Jarrod Baumann on a large residential project from November of 2004 to November 2006. ᅠThe home is an estate on an acre in Los Altos Hills. ᅠSince the home is a spec house, I was very concerned that the landscaping should be very impressive. ᅠJarrod came up with some very interesting and creative ideas for the project. ᅠThe overall landscaping provided outdoor living areas, a roman style pool and spa, terraces, water features, and parking areas. ᅠHe optimized the use of the parcel, while adhering to the style and character of the house. ᅠThe results were very impressive. ᅠIn addition, he made sure that the ideas were within my budget. ᅠHe was on schedule, and met his commitments. ᅠI would highly recommend Jarrod for any landscape project.
— Saila Kariat, La Lanne Court, Los Altos Hills
Finding the right landscape architect is not an easy task. ᅠYou must take into consideration the artist’s background, reputation and history for honesty and truth. ᅠJarrod Baumann is the person we chose, after much investigation, to make all of our dreams come true as to how they relate to our home. ᅠJarrod takes pride in his work. ᅠAfter speaking with some of his clients, we were convinced that he would be around after his drawings were approved and accepted. ᅠJarrod not only has experience in landscape design, he also has a wealth of knowledge in all areas as they relate to design strategy and knowing what his clients expect. ᅠHe not only takes into consideration the drea, he also helps determine the financial plan that will get you where you want to be when your plans have been executed. ᅠJarrod is multi-talented and truthful, and we recommend him without hesitation.
— Mary Ellen Daniels, Atty & Albert Johnson, Jr., Atty.
We gave Jarrod the challenge to create a unified landscape design for two adjacent properties with very different houses. One is the modern looking Eichler where we live. The other is a more old-fashioned 1950’s California ranch house, which we are using as a guest house. The two properties shared a back fence, which we removed to create a common back yard. Jarrod’s design succeeded beyond anything we could imagine. It is beautiful, modern, unique without being pretentious, and simultaneously exciting and serene. It works for both houses, enhancing the appearance of each from the other. Through every stage of the project Jarrod has been incredible to work with. He is an artist with a strong vision, and at the same time he was able to listen to our desires and vision to create a landscape that works for us. It felt like we were all working as a team. We absolutely love the result!
— Greg and Sharon Nelson, Palo Alto
As a licensed landscape contractor for 40 years with projects throughout the State of California, recently a former client contacted me to “touch up” their new home. ᅠWhen I saw the new home, I realized the site had needed a complete renovation.
I had heard of Zeterre from some respected peers, both past-presidents of the local chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association. ᅠKnowing the level of quality they demand on their projects and after investigating Jarrod’s web site, I set a meeting up with Jarrod and my clients. ᅠWe all left that meeting feeling we had a common goal: a one-of-a-kind renovation effort of the highest quality possible. Now, almost a year later, I realize how blessed and fortunate I have been, exceptional clients and an architect totally committed to and able to create a site that is equally exceptional.
As the other testimonials relate, Jarrod has an extensive plant palette knowledge, pulling in scores of species I have never been exposed to.ᅠHe makes a point of making everyone feel part of the team and key to reaching the common goal, from the lowest laborer to the busy clients. I am glad I spent the last 40 years preparing to work with a man of his talent and can assure you that if your goal is an exceptional landscape, you will be contacting one of the brightest stars in our industry.
— James P. Everett, Owner EvLand LLC
Past President of Bay Area and State CLCA
Jarrod, I want to compliment you on the growth and success of your design business. I have not seen someone rise to such a high level of success as quickly as you have. This is a true testament of your professionalism, work ethic, and passion for landscaping. Your creativity, innovation, and 1st class landscape designs are an asset to any homeowner’s estate. From a contractor’s point of view, you bring new and inventive design ideas into the landscape and I will always look forward to the challenge of building one of your creative landscape visions.
When we are awarded the contract on a landscape designed by Zeterre, we know we have the opportunity to build a truly exceptional landscape. Jarrod has a unique eye and thoughtful creativity for landscaping that rivals some of the best landscape architects in the Bay Area. His attention to detail and ability to design in the needs of the client are remarkable. He is a true study of the art using his plant knowledge and experience to create innovative and amazing one-of-a-kind landscapes.
With his ability to design landscapes that will compliment any type of home or property, coupled with his unique style and original approach, Jarrod Baumann has become the landscape architect to watch in the residential estate and custom home arena.
Jarrod takes personal interest in the outcomes of his designs. He works closely with the landscape contractor, general contractor, and architect to ensure the quality in the field is matched by the quality in the design. As a contractor, I appreciate that he is willing to work through field situations quickly and succinctly when questions surface. I have not worked with a landscape architect so willing to “jump into the trenches”. Not only does he care for the landscape, but he cares for the people building it. This hands-on approach really earns respect from the contractors and craftsmen building the job.
I would highly recommend Zeterre (or Jarrod Baumann) to anyone looking for a landscape architect that has a vision for creating distinctively innovative landscapes.
— Rodney Whitacre–Morimoto, Vice President – Jensen Landscape & Construction Company